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Boston University
PhD Program
MA Program


Entering Ph.D. students will already have a Master’s degree in a related field.

Course of Study: 8 graduate-level courses (32 credits)

*denotes course required for degree 

4 Graduate Seminars in Ethnomusicology

  • *Proseminar in Ethnomusicology (MU829) - 4 Credits
  • *Research Methods in Ethnomusicology (MU828) - 4 Credits
  • *Contemplating Ethnomusicology (MU830) - 4 Credits
  • *Research and Directed Study in Ethnomusicology (MU921) - 4 Credits

4 Graduate Courses in Related Areas

Students will choose courses in areas such as Anthropology, Musicology, Music Education, Special Topics in Ethnomusicology, History or specific Area Studies courses from the College of Arts and Sciences at BU, or BU Consortium courses.

  • *Proseminar in Musicology (MU739) – 3 Credits   

Additional Requirements

  • *At least 2 semesters of World Music Ensemble (MU567), either as instructor or participant – .5 to 1 Credit
  • *Knowledge of the undergraduate survey course Musical Cultures of the World (MU325), either as a Teaching Assistant, or by auditing the course. 
  • *Language Requirement - Candidates must give evidence of sufficient mastery of at least two foreign languages to conduct research in their areas of study. One language should facilitate doctoral research, and one language will be required for fieldwork in the area of specialization. 

Requirements towards Ph.D. candidacy

  • Qualifying Examinations
  • Dissertation Prospectus
  • Abstract and Final Oral Examination 
  • Dissertation - Candidates shall demonstrate their abilities for independent study in dissertations representing original research and creative scholarship.  
  • Time Limit - The post-master’s program must be completed within five years after the first registration for the doctoral program. It is expected that the candidate will need to conduct in-depth fieldwork in the country and location of their chosen dissertation topic; consequently, this time limit may be extended to a total of six years after the first registration for the doctoral program if needed to accommodate the necessary fieldwork.  

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