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Category A. Four graduate courses in Ethnomusicology, one of which is Directed Thesis Research with the Ethnomusicology Faculty. The other required Ethnomusicology seminars include: Proseminar in Ethnomusicology, Research Methods in Ethnomusicology: Musical Ethnography, and Contemplating Ethnomusicology.

Category B. Four courses selected from CAS (especially Anthropology), Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Music Education, or the BU Consortium. One of these four courses is the required course Proseminar in Musicology.

Category C. Two semesters of World Music Ensemble.

Year One

Semester One

  • 1/4A Proseminar in Ethnomusicology (MU829) (Introduction to the history of the discipline, significant figures in the field, and Bibliography)
  • 1/4B CAS course (Recommended: Anthropology Proseminar)
  • TA for Musical Cultures of the World (MU325)      

Semester Two

  • 2/4A Research Methods in Ethnomusicology: Musical Ethnography (MU828) (Field methods, transcription and notation of non-Western music, interview techniques, technology, and a comparison of musical ethnographies)
  • 2/4B Proseminar in Musicology (MU739)    
  • 1/2C World Music Ensemble (MU567)    

Year Two

Semester One

  • 3/4A Contemplating Ethnomusicology (MU830) (In-depth reading and discussion of key areas of scholarship: music and politics, music and gender, music and religion, music and identity)
  • 3/4B Graduate seminar from the Consortium, chosen in accordance with the student's area of research
    2/2C World Music Ensemble (MU567)
  • Select Thesis Topic with Faculty Advisor 

Semester Two

  • 4/4A Directed Thesis Research in Ethnomusicology (MU921) - Begin writing Master’s Thesis or prepare Dissertation Prospectus
  • 4/4B Graduate seminar from CAS, Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Music Education, or the Consortium, chosen in accordance with the student’s area of research.
  • Complete Language Requirement/s


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