Brett Pyper: Listening and Not Listening: Jazz & Sociality in South Africa
 Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:30-6:00 PM
African  Studies Center, 232 Bay State Rd
Boston University 
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Degree Programs

No Ethnomusicology or World Music degree offerings at this time.


Ann Morrison Spinney




Program Description

Whether for students intending a career in music or those pursuing their own love of the art, the Department of Music offers lessons in performance, courses in theory and composition, and courses in the history and current trends of both Western and non-Western music. Upper level courses offer cross-cultural and socio-historical approaches to both Western and non-Western musical traditions.

Additional Resources

An extensive Irish Music Center library collection is available, part of Boston College's Irish Studies program.

Consortia and Cross-Registration

Students enrolled at Boston College may take courses at Boston University, Brandeis, Hebrew College and Tufts via the 1972 Inter-University Cross Registration Consortium. Check with your individual college for their particular handling of grades, registration and other errata.

Boston University's Cross Registration Consortium Guidelines for undergraduates.


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