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Current Instititution

University of Massachusetts - Boston (Professor).

Areas of Expertise

Rock and popular music.


From the production of benefit concerts to the study of music as a social indicator, Reebee Garofalo has promoted the use of music as a community resource and an educational tool. Since 1978, Garofalo has taught at UMass Boston, where he is affiliated with the College of Public and Community Service and the American Studies Program.

Garofalo’s most recent book is Rockin’ Out: Popular Music in the USA, 3rd Edition (Prentice-Hall, 2008). He is also co-editor of Policing Pop (Temple University Press, 2003), editor of Rockin’ the Boat: Mass Music and Mass Movements (South End Press, 1992), and co-author of Rock 'n' Roll is Here to Pay: The History and Politics of the Music Industry (Nelson-Hall, 1977). In addition, he has written numerous articles on copyright and digital downloading, racism, censorship, the political uses of music, and the globalization of the music industry for popular as well as scholarly publications and has lectured internationally on a broad range of subjects relating to the operations of the music industry. Garofalo has also made his Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music available on the World Wide Web and has created a number of multi-media tools for teaching popular music. His recent presentations and consultancies include Farm Aid, the Experience Music Project, and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Garofalo has been active in promoting popular music studies internationally, as a member of the Executive Committee and past Chairperson of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music-US, and an editor for several popular music journals, including the Editorial Collective of the Journal of Popular Music Studies. He also sits on the National Advisory Board of the Archives of African American Music and Culture. At the local level, Garofalo was a co-founder and past President of Massachusetts Rock Against Racism. He currently sits on the boards of BNN-TV, Boston’s public access cable facility, the Rock and Roll Library and ZUMIX, Inc, a community-based project dedicated to youth empowerment through music. He is also a member of the organizing committee for the HONK! Festival, an annual gathering of activist street bands. For relaxation, he enjoys drumming and singing with the Blue Suede Boppers, and marching with the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band.

Contact Information

Reebee Garofalo
Professor, Community Media and Technology
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