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Current Institution

Harvard University (Professor of Music)

Areas of Expertise

South Asia, South India.


As a specialist in the musical traditions of South Asia, Wolf teaches and performs on the South Indian vina and writes about classical, folk and tribal music in South India.  He has also been exploring musical traditions associated with Shiism and Sufism in North India, Pakistan, and Iran. Wolf's recent publications include the article "The poetics of 'Sufi' practice: Drumming, dancing, and complex agency at Madho Lal Husain (and beyond)" American Ethnologist (2006) and the book The Black Cow's Footprint: Time, Space, and Music in the Lives of the Kotas of South India (The University of Illinois Press [2006] and Permanent Black [2005]), which was awarded the Edward Cameron Dimock, Jr.Prize in the Humanities. Wolf is currently engaged in two collaborative projects. With the phonetician Peri Bhaskar Rao, he is analyzing relationships between melody and language in the songs of the Todas of South India. With the folklorist Sabir Badalkhan, Wolf is studying Sufi musical performance of Baluchistan. In an effort to promote a study of South Asian music that transcends conventional boundaries of geography and discipline, Wolf is editing a book entitled Theorizing the Local: Music, Practice and Experience in South Asia and Beyond, which stems from an International Council for Traditional Music colloquium and Radcliffe Advanced Seminar. He is also working on his own monograph entitled Reciting Remembrance: Resonances of Popular Islam in South Asia  

Contact Information

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