Labaree, Robert (New England Conservatory)

Current Institution

New England Conservatory (Chair, Music History and Musicology; Intercultural Institute)

Areas of Expertise

Middle East, Turkish classical music, medieval European music.


Robert Labaree is an ethnomusicologist specializing in Turkish music and medieval European music. He is chair of the music history department and director of NEC's Intercultural Institute, which he established in 1993. As a founding member of the EurAsia Ensemble from 1980-1995, he has performed and taught Turkish classical music across the U.S. His recordings with EurAsia Ensemble include Eski Dünya ile Sohbet (Conversations with the Old World), Istanbul on the Charles, and Boston Sema. His solo CD Çengnagme appeared in Turkey in 2001 on the Kalan label. He is co-founder and vice president of DÜNYA (the World), a non-profit educational institution based in Boston which produces intercultural concerts and educational programs, including The Ali Ufki Sacred Music Project, which explores the shared traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His most recent recordings, produced under the DÜNYA label, include Gel Gör Beni Ask Neyledi (Come see what love has done to me) and The Psalms of Ali Ufki.  

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